Welcome to Terra, the World of Archmage

Welcome to Terra, a land of magic ruled by the ordered chaos of epic battle and the subtle warfare of diplomacy.  Here you will find that power can lead to immortality, while crossing the Immortals can lead to a fate worse than death.  Alliances are forged stronger than ties of blood in this world and conflicts can be so fierce that they span beyond the breadth of time.  Terra is a place for the deceitful and the honorable, the bold and the cautious, the peaceful and the bloodthirsty - but never for those lacking in ambition.

For the past decades, the mage emperors known as Archmages have waged war on one another, drawing magical power from the land to create vast kingdoms and armies.   Some fight for power, some fight for revenge, some fight for their allies, and some fight simply for the sake of fighting alone.  These conflicts have destroyed nearly all written records chronicling the history of Terra.  However, most literati agree that the recent years of war began when the god known as Lucifer revealed the secrets of magic to man.  It is said that prior to Luciferís revelation peace, or at least war on less destructive scale, reigned over Terra for several centuries.   Furthermore, sages promulgate that this time of peace was prefaced by several years of vicious global warfare between mages, which continued until the gods, Lucifer among them, halted the slaughter by using their own power to prevent man from accessing the magic that flows through Terra.  However, this history, as sparse as it is, is little more than speculation based on half-scorched scrolls and the fragmented recollections of elder beings.  Only the gods possess accurate historical knowledge...and even the memories of gods can be twisted by time.

The present era of Terra is one of rediscovery as Archmages bring back the lost art form of magic, starting a Renaissance of sorcery.  Spells once thought to be myths, races believed to be myths, and savagery known to be antiquated have been brought back by the mighty mage emperors as they vie for power.  It seems that the Archmages, said to be reincarnated from an afterlife in the terrible realm known as Hell, are eager to bring the raging inferno with them back to Terra.

As one of the mage emperors in Terra, you must develop your country and carefully monitor your economy.  You will research the arcane secrets of various magics and summon mythological creatures to fight by your side.  You must diplomatically communicate with other mages to negotiate peace or perpetuate war.   Finally, you must learn the secrets of the most potent of all spells, the true name of which is never stated, but is only known as Armageddon.  It is said that when this spell is cast seven times in proper succession the power unleashed will destroy every living thing on Terra.  Of course, no one knows the true effects of this spell...and any fool can prophesy destruction.