Apprentice Wizard


This is a personal website dedicate to provide more information about Archmage online game.

Welcome to the realm of Archmage, a massively multiplayer, fantasy strategy game provided free by the services of Mari Telecommunications Co. Ltd.  In this unique game, you are a reincarnated mage whose soul has survived the Great Mage War, a devastating era that destroyed most of the sorcerers and the magic on the mystical world of Terra. You will assume the authority of a mage emperor, guiding the destiny of your kingdom with the power of your magic, the strength of your armies, the allies you make, and the enemies you keep. You research arcane spells, assemble epic armies, expand your territory, and start the long trek towards world domination...again.

In Archmage, you will interact with and be affected by up to 10,000 players at any one time.  It is playable entirely through your existing Internet web-browser, requiring no additional software to download. As such, this introductory page has been provided to give recently reincarnated mages a head start to compete with the most ancient of Archmages.



[28.03.2001] New Unit decision

New Units will remain in Beta server for the next reset. Archmage Team will continue working on the new units.

[14.03.2001] Server Resets for April 6th

Fast servers: Server Guid, Server Non-Guild, Blitz Guild, Blitz Non-Guild and Blitz Solo are going to reset soon.

[01.02.2001] Spanish Server Unveiled

A new game server has been opened.

[29.01.2001] Server Resets for February 2nd

Fast servers reset.

[22.01.2001] The Problems with Beta

From players' feedback. There are still a lot of problems with the Beta server. Archmage Team will try to improve on it.

[22.01.2001] Additions to Archmage

Two weeks after Archmage's renovations, Archmage Team is assessing how the changes have affected the community as they prepare other new features for the game.

[08.01.2001] Dawn of a New Terra

Archmage Team are building a new Archmage for a new millenium. Aside from an all-new website, they are working on rejuvenating the existing realm of Terra with more races, more depth, and, most importantly, more thrills.

[20.12.2000] The End of Terra

Official schedule for the upcoming server resets, including the times when the seventh seal of each game will break, marking the beginning of the chaotic Armageddon era on each server will be out soon.